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Recalma Faraday Box | Bescherm jouw auto tegen diefstal

Recalma Faraday Box | Bescherm jouw auto tegen diefstal

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Car keys with remote-controlled central locking are very handy, but unfortunately there is also a major disadvantage. If you keep your keyless entry car keys in your bag or on the table, your car can be stolen. Through RFID, thieves can unlock the car while the key is in the house. Are you afraid that thieves can connect to your car keys via signals? The Recalma Faraday box protects you against theft!

Biggest Benefits
 Prevent theft via RFID
 Blocks all signals to and from the key
 Stylish design
 With strong closure
✅ Very easy to use

Prevent theft
Do you have a car key with which you can unlock the car remotely? This is very useful, but also very dangerous. Unfortunately, most people only realize that this is dangerous when it is already too late. This Faraday box blocks all signals that prevent thieves from connecting with your car keys. A protective box is a must these days, because it can happen to you too.

Easy in use
Place the box in a place that is convenient for you. Place the car keys in the box and close it easily via the lock. This way your car is safe and you won't lose your keys!

Stylish and strong design
Everything has been thought of when designing this key box. The end result: a stylish box of high quality, where all signals are blocked. The stylish design makes the box a suitable accessory within the interior.

Why choose Recalma?

Unlike other brands, the Recalma Faraday box has a click closure. Where other brands use a magnetic closure, Recalma has chosen to use a click closure. Research shows that this creates extra safety.

Product Features:

  • Brand: Recalma
  • Color: Taupe

100% satisfaction guarantee
Risk-free ordering: 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 30 days free return. Every order has a Track and Trace code.

Do you no longer want to fear that your car will be closed and you want to sleep or go on holiday with peace of mind? Then order the Recalma Faraday box.

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