What is a Faraday Box

The Recalma Faraday Box is a rectangular box designed to block electromagnetic radiation. As a result, for example, keyless car keys, bank cards with NFC and data carriers cannot be read.

Who or what is Faraday?

Micheal Faraday was an English chemist who made several discoveries in the fields of physics and chemistry in the 19th century. In 1823, for example, he discovered how to liquefy the chemical element chlorine and invented the rubber air balloon. But what he has become most famous for is the so-called Faraday Effect. In it he showed for the first time that there is a connection between light, magnetism and electricity. Also known in general as electromagnetic radiation.

Faraday cage

The Faraday cage is the term for an enclosure made of materials that conduct electricity. The inside and outside are made of this conductive material so that radiation cannot penetrate to the cage. Such a space is called an electromagnetic dead space.

Some modern examples that are seen as Faraday Cage are:

  • MRI scanner: The MRI scanner is located in a room that is protected by the Faraday Cage, so that no radiation can enter or leave the room.
  • Microwave ovens: These appliances consist of a metal housing that ensures that no electromagnetic radiation can leak out. This also makes it safe to stand near a microwave.

Recalma Faraday Box

The Recalma Faraday Box works just like the Faraday Cage. Because the box is made of conductive materials, no signals can penetrate the box. Think of criminals who want to read your car keys or GPS signals to the phone, so that you can be followed. Unlike many other Faraday Boxes, the Recalma Faraday Box has a click closure, while others have a magnetic closure. Tests have shown that the magnetic closure disrupts the protection so that signals can still enter the box.